What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology becomes important besides the fields of computer science and finance and has found its way in many other industries including the Arts themselves. 


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A blockchain is a digital ledger secured by

Cosmic Hive

Cosmic Hive

Cosmic Hive is an immersive interactive exhibition that let’s you explore abstract concepts of cosmology and theoretical physics in a playful way. The exhibition took place in May/June of 2021 at Pathos in Munich.

The user explores the



These visuals have been created in Touchdesigner, they are interactive as to their reaction to sound. The beat and frequency of the music drivese the various patterns. They can be played to live music, thereby creating an immersive sound-visual

What is 360° – learn

What is 360°-Film?

360° is not Virtual Reality, there is some confusion going on. 360° is an indepentent and exciting medium of its own.

re_publica. source: berlinfestfilme blog

A 360°-Film is a full dome movie which completely immerses the movie-goer.

What is AR? – learn

What is Augmented reality?

AR is the technology that places digital content over reality by looking through a device.


source: SparkAR - Facebook
Augmented reality describes computer technology placing digital content on top of the real world which