This work is about uniting art and science, hopefully in a deep and meaningful way. The more science and technology advances the more important becomes the following: keeping up with questioning reality and if the path we are on still feels right. But even more concrete – is the reality we are living in worth while? Is the houses that we live in, the transportation that we use, the way we communicate, all the screens that surround us only practical or are they also fulfilling in our needs of imagination, connection, emotion and aesthetics?  No one wants to live in the most optimized world, which is just about fastness, practicality, consuming, which all have their right place at times but is it designed for a human being and nature itself? Can the future and the technologies that we build be enjoyed on a deep level and sustain itself?
From that perspective the development of new technologies and our scientific findings should embrace art and design from the first step to ensure that it is made for humans  and all living organisms.

Science leads to a development externally but art leads to an internal development. Both need to go hand in hand, both require the other. We need both for a healthy development of society. But generally they are seen as two very different ways of perceiving the world, even contradictory. By suspending our limited points of view and reuniting these two disciplines we come to understand that we all are multi-dimensional beings and that we should be.

In this regard we will continue to fuse art with science, we will do our best to stay in contradiction. We are a verb not a noun. Life is about fluidity not identity.