How can day to day places be experienced in a new way? Can we rethink the relationship between stage and audience?  Where is the line between performer and spectator and can they merge into one entity?


Real Estate Transformation VR

Real Estate Transformation
in VR

For a real estate developer firm we developed a Protoype App  for the Oculus Quest which allowes the user to transform an old building to the new planed renovated building with a few clicks. It

3d Scan – Staatsarchiv

Bayerisches Staatsarchiv
3D Scan

For the anniversary of the bavarian state archive a huge  celebration was conducted with  a video mapping on the building. Part of the mapping was the construction and animation of a 3d scan that shows the

Critical Spaces

Critical Spaces

Critical Spaces is a cirque nouveau production that was interpreted and digitalized by the use of motion capture and virtual reality.

In the center of the project was the exploration of space – the physical space, the social

What is Digital Fashion?

What is Digital Fashion?

VR is the technology by with a head-mounted display teleports you in a virtual world by shutting out the outside real world.


source: Marshmallowlaserfeast in the eye of the animal

Virtual Reality was first imagined

What is generative art?

What is Generative art?

Generative Art is an art form that uses code and mathematics to generate itself.


Soundprocessing by Diana Lange
Andreas Nicolas Fischer; Schwarm VII; [generative Software]; 2013; Dimensions variable;

Generative art generelly refers to art that

What is on-chain art?

What is on-chain art?

on-chain art refers to NFTs that are completely stored on the blockchain as code.


On-chain art is generative code that is completely stored on the blockchain. With most nfts, the information stored on the blockchain

What are NFTs?

A Guide to NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are assets on the blockchain and pose incredible new ways of distributing and selling art. This article is aimed at artist who want to understand what it is all about and how to get

What is Light Field Technology?

Light Field Technology

Light Field (LF) technology and cameras are a new way of capturing light. LF cameras store more information than normal cameras and have important use-cases in XR and holographic displays.


source: Adobe,http://lightfield-forum.com/light-field-camera-prototypes/adobe-lightfield-camera-protypes/

Light rays can point