What is generative art?

What is Generative art?

Generative Art is an art form that uses code and mathematics to generate itself.


Soundprocessing by Diana Lange
Andreas Nicolas Fischer; Schwarm VII; [generative Software]; 2013; Dimensions variable;

Generative art generelly refers to art that

What is on-chain art?

What is on-chain art?

on-chain art refers to NFTs that are completely stored on the blockchain as code.


On-chain art is generative code that is completely stored on the blockchain. With most nfts, the information stored on the blockchain

What are NFTs?

A Guide to NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are assets on the blockchain and pose incredible new ways of distributing and selling art. This article is aimed at artist who want to understand what it is all about and how to get

What is Light Field Technology?

Light Field Technology

Light Field (LF) technology and cameras are a new way of capturing light. LF cameras store more information than normal cameras and have important use-cases in XR and holographic displays.


source: Adobe,http://lightfield-forum.com/light-field-camera-prototypes/adobe-lightfield-camera-protypes/

Light rays can point

What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology becomes important besides the fields of computer science and finance and has found its way in many other industries including the Arts themselves. 


let's live virtually

A blockchain is a digital ledger secured by

Cosmic Hive

Cosmic Hive

Cosmic Hive is an immersive interactive exhibition that let’s you explore abstract concepts of cosmology and theoretical physics in a playful way. The exhibition took place in May/June of 2021 at Pathos in Munich.

The user explores the