Black Hole

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During the process of visualizing a black hole in OpenGL, I found some remarkebly beautiful transformations. Completely unrelated to any physical signifcance they are still a wonderful visualization of geometical and mathematical beauty and symmetry.



Eikonauts and the Journey into the Digital Realm

There are only two industries that call their customers “users”: illegal drugs and software” – Edward Tufte

Judging from the success of storytelling, exploring new worlds seems to be a constantly

What is XR? – learn

what is extended reality?

XR is the term used to describe all the virtual forms that “extend” reality, which are AR, VR and MR.


Extended Reality (XR) is a term used to encompass all the different technologies that digitalize

What is MR? – learn

What is Mixed Reality?

MR descibes the technology that combines virtual objects with real spaces and objects.


Mixed reality is one of those terms less known which may get confusing at times. It is similar to Augmented

What is VR? – learn

What is Virtual Reality?

VR is the technology by with a head-mounted display teleports you in a virtual world by shutting out the outside real world.


source: Marshmallowlaserfeast in the eye of the animal

Virtual Reality was first imagined