Dans Drauganna

Dans Drauganna

Dans Drauganna is an experience that lies at the intersection of virtual reality and dance and choreography. It explorers the movement and presence of the body in space to tell a story. It is currently still under development. 

The experience

Dancing with the shadows

The Eikonaut finds hirself on a large stage. Shadows are dancing around. They do not peceive the Eikonaut. When it happens that one of the shadows dances through the Eikonaut the scene suddenly changes and the Eikonaut is placed in a strange world but only so long as the shadow is within hir. As the shadow moves and keeps dancing soon it has passed by and the Eikonaut is again on the stage. To explore the worlds are are hidden within the shadows and the stories that are told within them the Eikonaut has to dance along and within the shadow and become one with them and can thereby explore the worlds.

Non-Linearity. Virtual reality poses new questions as to how storytelling should be conducted in interactive, immersive and non-linear works of art. Dans Drauganna’s first approach was the classical „The hero’s journey“ which underlays many stories. It was used as a starting point to explore a new way of experiencing a story by using the circular structure as a base line of the non-linear approach.

The Story. What  you  experience within the worlds is the story of life itself. It is about the essence of life itself. She is the heroine of this story. As the Eikonaut, you become her and incarnate in different expressions of her which are the different worlds in the  shadows.  

Life has undergone the development of microorganisms under water, it has later  developed into a self-aware creature which went on to express itself in art and culture. It is speculation but might also have continued to strive on other planets and in the complexity of computation and algorithms in the form of artificial intelligence.

All those expressions are the cosmic journey of life itself. It is you. As  you  are life – one expression of her. By dancing with the shadows and becoming those subconscious versions of you, you start to understand where you originally came from.



Paula Banzhoff & Markus Kuhlberger


Sophie-Charlotte Becker


Michael Sebastian

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