Critical Spaces

Critical Spaces is a cirque nouveau production that was interpreted and digitalized by the use of motion capture and virtual reality.

In the center of the project was the exploration of space – the physical space, the social space, the mathematical space, the accoustic  space  and – of course – the digital space.  For this purpose we used motion capture to capture the most imporant aspects of the movements of this play. The storyline that is told is the becoming of nothingness to everything, from a one-dimensional point, to a two-dimensional line, to a three-dimensional cube encompassing a closed shape towards the infinity of circular shapes and spaces.

It is as much about space as it is about what it is inhibited by – us – the – cosmos, consisting of micro and macro cosmos which both mirror each other in their use of circular shapes and structures. Everything is a cyclic rebirth of nothing into everything and into nothing again.

Artists: Jawad Rajpoot, Julia Ladner, Natalie Bühler

Idea & Concept: Michael Heiduk

Story & Drama: Stefanie Mendoni

Communications: Benno Sawitzki

Supported by: Fonds Daku

The  project explores new ways of experiencing performance art. The stage and crowd infront of it loses  its significance in the face of immersive and digital media. In this experience the spectator is placed into the middle of the play, from all sides the performers act. This leads to new emotions in the spectator as new media enables to experience art from entirely new perspectives. But not only are new artistic expressions possible. New media, in this case virtual reality, offer new practical solutions of showing and distributing performance art.