Notes on Storytelling. What VR reveals about yourself

Notes on Storytelling. What VR reveals about yourself

The more we let linear story telling and clearly defined storylines behind us and start to embrace non-linear storytelling, the story starts to become more and more about the person that experiences

Layers of Illusion and Perception

Layers of Illusion and Perception

When it comes to reality we are really talking about our perception. I want to dive a little bit deeper at what this means as it is not only relevant for ones own life but

Real Estate Transformation VR

Real Estate Transformation
in VR

For a real estate developer firm we developed a Protoype App  for the Oculus Quest which allowes the user to transform an old building to the new planed renovated building with a few clicks. It

3d Scan – Staatsarchiv

Bayerisches Staatsarchiv
3D Scan

For the anniversary of the bavarian state archive a huge  celebration was conducted with  a video mapping on the building. Part of the mapping was the construction and animation of a 3d scan that shows the

Critical Spaces

Critical Spaces

Critical Spaces is a cirque nouveau production that was interpreted and digitalized by the use of motion capture and virtual reality.

next venues:

23.Juni 2022 – Digital Art Space – Amalienstraße 14 München – 18Uhr bis 21Uhr


Art & Science

Art & Science

Art and science are often considered as opposing elements, as if they would contradict each other. The one emotional the other rational. A never ending battle between forces.

I think quite the opposite is true. Fundamentally they

Black Holes, MC Escher & Virtual Reality

Black Holes, M.C. Escher & Virtual Reality

When we think about geometry we generelly think about straight lines forming triangles, the angle between those lines and all the objects those yield. Rarely do we question those concepts, it is what

What is Digital Fashion?

What is Digital Fashion?

VR is the technology by with a head-mounted display teleports you in a virtual world by shutting out the outside real world.


source: Marshmallowlaserfeast in the eye of the animal

Virtual Reality was first imagined

What is generative art?

What is Generative art?

Generative Art is an art form that uses code and mathematics to generate itself.


Soundprocessing by Diana Lange
Andreas Nicolas Fischer; Schwarm VII; [generative Software]; 2013; Dimensions variable;

Generative art generelly refers to art that